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Identification de l'employeur
Baie James - Conseil de Cri de la santé et des services sociaux
Région : Conseil Cri de la Baie James 
Lieu de travail : Chisasibi 

Identification des besoins
Statut : Temps complet  Durée : (DEV-S-1920-0002 DOCUMENTATION TECHNICIAN) 
Salaire : Taux horaire entre
22,23$ et 29,05$
Affichage : du 3 juillet 2019
au 31 juillet 2019
Quart : jour 
Mandat :
Person who performs technical work pertaining to the organization and operation of documentation systems or centres such as libraries, audio-visual libraries and archives. Within the scope of his work, this person may provide technical assistance to staff in the service or users.


• In organizing and operating documentation systems or centres such as libraries, audio-visual libraries and archives, this person’s tasks may include, but are not limited to:
• Ensuring responsibility for the selection, procurement, codification, classification, preservation and dissemination of various documents;
• Ensuring the repair of documents showing signs of wear and deterioration;
• Assists in developing inventories, forms and finding aids;
• Implements and update classification plans and records scheduling and disposal plans;
• Codifies and classifies archival materials;
• Purges, sorts, reduces and sample archives;
• Applies standards and policies for storage of archival materials;
• Researches and retrieves archival materials;
• Participates in instructing and assisting users;
• Ensures the use of computerized document systems;
• Provides technical assistance to staff in the service within the scope of his work;
• Provides statistics, indicators, and units of measures, and produces various types of reports;
• Ensures his own responsibilities according to the organization’s programs, policies, procedures and Program Manuals, and policies regarding access to patient files, in order to provide quality services;
• Ensures implementation of the policies, standards, and quality assurance program of the professional practice and clinical activities;
• Provides good "customer service" to all users and other staff, in order to foster organizational functioning and, indirectly, quality services to the population;
• Carries out his role within the policy principles and guidelines of: Miyupimaatisiiun paradigms and practices, and; collaborative interdisciplinary team-work and communications, for services and programs implementation within a seamless integrated circle (continuum) of care, centred on the community residents;
• Respects the practices, conduct, confidentiality and ethics expected of employees towards users, visitors and other employees;
• Carries out other tasks usually assigned to a Documentation Technician upon the request of his supervisor.
Exigences :
• Diploma of College Studies with specialization in documentation techniques from a school recognized by the Ministère de l'Éducation, du Loisir et du Sport.

• Prior experience in applying appropriate computer skills to core functions of documentation technician;
• Adaptable and being able to problem-solve issues pertaining to compiling, sorting, and presenting data to a team;
• Extracting data relevant to the departments needs and organisations needs.

Knowledge and Abilities:
• Good knowledge of laws and regulations governing access to documents;
• Good analytical skills;
• Sense of organization;
• Excellent interpersonal and teamwork skills;
• Autonomous, flexible and discreet;
• Sense of detail.

• Fluent in English;
• Fluency in Cree is an asset.

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